Best Scissor Sharpening Service


20 Reasons


Amazing Reviews

Every review on our website and Facebook page are genuine. Other than the fact that hairdressers say their scissors feel like brand new, another common theme throughout our reviews is that we provide outstanding customer service.


Brilliant Reputation

Our reputation was partly built by hairdressers commenting about our service in many hairdressing forums - these comments led to us being contacted by Capital Hair & Beauty, who asked us to be their New scissor sharpening service.


We Lessen Anxiety

We understand that hairdresser’s scissors are precious to them and worry about them after posting; however, if scissors are sent via Royal Mail Special Delivery, scissors can be fully tracked. To lessen any anxiety, we contact hairdressers as soon as their scissors arrive.


Return Post

We make no profit on return post. 

We only use the Royal Mail Postal Service - because we feel this is an excellent service.


20 years sharpening scissors we have never had a special delivery parcel go missing or damaged in the post.


Great Prices

We feel the price we charge for sharpening is great value, when considering our highly skilled sharpening techniques, expertise, reputation and the time we spend servicing a pair of hairdressing scissors.  


Quick Turnaround 

We have a very quick turnaround of one working day.

We do not pick up scissors from the Post Office on a Monday.

If required - we offer an urgent service:

For a charge of £4.00 per pair of scissors - we do offer a same day turnaround whereby, we will sharpen scissors the day they arrive and dispatch them the same day.


Keep In Contact 

For peace of mind, we contact hairdressers as soon as their scissors leave our premises to confirm their scissors have been dispatched and to give the Royal Mail tracking number - so you can track your scissors all the way back to you .


Unique To The UK

Absolutely no one in the UK has the same superior scissor sharpening equipment or uses the same skilled methods. The equipment we use is actually used in scissor making factories that make premium hairdressing scissors. 


 Parts - FOC

If we are able to source replacement parts (certain scissors such as Joewell’s are easier to get parts for than other scissors) we will replace the part/s free of charge. 


Never Over-Heat 

We use a water-cooled system, to ensure that the steel always keeps cool and never over-heats …. Over-heating scissor blades (usually caused by grinding) can change the structure of the steel. 


No Grinding 

We would never use a grinding machine. Grinding machines destroy the delicate convex edges and create thicker bevelled edges. Bevelled scissors (that are cheaper than hairdressing scissors) are used in the dog grooming industry and cannot perform advanced cutting techniques. 


If you send a pair of hairdressing scissors, barber scissors or thinning scissors to us that have expensive convex edges (as previously advised, most hairdressing scissors on the market will have convex edges when purchased) - we will maintain the convex edges - We are one of the only scissor sharpening companies in the UK who can fully re-convex, convexed hairdressing scissors.


Dropped Scissors

We can drastically improve most hairdressing  scissors that have been dropped and/or have slight nicks . 

Bent scissor blades cannot be re-shaped because the composition and structure of the steel means there is a chance the blade could snap.


Most dropped scissors can be re-sharpened and cut great after sharpening.  


Take Scissors Apart

We take scissors apart, which is an integral part of servicing high-quality hairdressing scissors/ barber scissors/ thinning scissors.  It is imperative that the whole length of the blade is sharpened to ensure that the manufacturers angle specifications are adhered to.  In addition the screw, washer, bumper stop etc needs to be assessed and this can't be done if scissors are not taken apart ... Many sharpeners do not do this because of the time involved in taking scissors apart for sharpening (time is money). 


 Both Sides 

We do not know of any sharpeners in the UK that sharpen both the inside (using Japanese wet stones) and the outside of scissor blades.  This technique is used in Japanese scissor making factories because it produces perfectly even razor-sharp edges.


Correct Angle

Our expert sharpening methods ensure that hairdressing scissors are always sharpened in accordance to the manufacturer specifications - this means ensuring that scissors are sharpened at the correct angle  E.g Joewell scissors are sharpened at a slightly different angle to Passion scissors because they have different



Hand Sharpening 

Skilled hand sharpening is the only way to correctly sharpen hairdressing scissors, using a flat honed water-cooled machine (our machine is the only one of its kind in the UK).  In addition, we use 5 types of specialised wet and dry paper, 3 blocks of Japanese wet stones and 2 types of polishing leather. This process creates a mirror finish, making the blades feel razor-sharp and smooth.


Minimal Amount 

Unlike other scissors sharpeners (many grind away far too much steel), we remove the absolute minimal amount of steel during our scissor sharpening process, to substantially increase the life of hairdressing, barber and thinning scissors. 


As Long As It Takes 

Unlike other scissor sharpening companies, we will not compromise our high-quality work and will spend as long as it takes to make a pair of hairdressing scissors cut perfectly. Scissors that have been dropped, have nicks or were badly sharpened in the past, take more time to service.



We have 20 years of scissor sharpening experience and were trained to the highest level, by a master scissor sharpener and scissor designer, who is one of the only Westerners ever to have trained in the Hikari factory in Japan.