Scissor Sharpening

14 Genuine Reasons .. Why You Should Choose Us  

 1. As you can see from our selection of customer testimonials - hairdressers trust our scissor sharpening service - you can phone any of them, to confirm our expertise.  We are one of the only scissor sharpening companies who have reviews on Facebook and their Website!!

2.  Absolutely no one in the UK has the same scissor sharpening equipment as us - we have a water-cooled system, this ensures that the steel always keeps cool and never overheats (nearly all sharpeners in the UK, overheat scissors and there is a high chance that this will change the integrity of the steel - making the steel soft).  Most hairdressing scissors/barber scissors and thinning scissors on the market have razor-sharp convex edges - most sharpeners grind the edges away and replace them with cheap bevelled edges  (if you look at the edges they will not look exactly the same as when you first purchased them).  This method of scissor sharpening can, at worst destroy a pair of convex hairdressing scissors, lessen the life (because too much metal has been ground away) and they cannot be used for advanced cutting techniques because bevelled edges will not allow this.

3. Our scissor sharpening machinery is the same as the machines used in top scissor making factories when putting the convex edges on expensive hairdressing scissors. 


4.  If you send a pair of hairdressing scissors, barber scissors of thinning scissors to us that have expensive convex edges (as previously advised, most hairdressing scissors on the market will have convex edges when purchased) - we will maintain the convex edges - we are one of the only scissor sharpening companies in the UK who can fully re-convex, convex hairdressing scissors.  


5. You are guaranteed brand new scissor performance.  Every pair of hairdressing scissors we send back feels smooth and cuts perfectly,


6. We have a very quick turnaround.


7. You can phone us for any advice relating to your hairdressing scissors/ barber scissors/ thinning scissors, we are very experienced and are always willing to help.


8. Please don’t be fooled by the myth that you have to buy new hairdressing scissors, because no one can sharpen them correctly - you are wasting your money!! We can prove this - if you read through our reviews, so many hairdressers say that when they got their hairdressing scissors back, they felt smooth and cut like brand new, often better than when they were first purchased.


9. We always follow up on all work, to make sure you are happy with the results.


10. We have been sharpening hairdressing scissors for the past 20 years - we have been trained to the highest level, having completed an intensive apprenticeship in Sydney, Australia, by a master scissor sharpener, who also makes expensive two-piece convex hairdressing scissors and is one of the only Westerners ever to have trained in the Hikari factory in Japan.


11. Unlike other scissors sharpeners, we take hairdressing scissors apart; which is an integral part of servicing high-quality hairdressing scissors/ barber scissors/ thinning scissors. Many sharpeners do not do this because of the time involved (time is money), incorrect machinery or they are not knowledgeable enough to service scissors correctly.

12. Unlike other scissors sharpeners (many grind away far too much steel), we remove the absolute minimal amount of steel (only a minuscule amount of steel has to be removed to create razor-sharp edges) during our scissor sharpening process, to create lasting edges and increase the life of your scissors.

13. Unlike other sharpeners, we sharpen both the inside (using Japanese wet stones) and the outside of scissor blades; this technique is used in Japanese scissor making factories because it produces perfect razor-sharp edges, ensures that scissors feel smooth and it greatly increases the life span of hairdressing scissors.

14. Unlike other scissor sharpening companies, we spend as long as it takes to make a pair of hairdressing scissors cut perfectly; we take the rough with the smooth - you may think that spending £12 to have a pair of hairdressing scissors sharpened is good value for money - but you may be trusting your livelihood tools to someone who will sharpen as many scissors as possible in a day (cost-effective) and will only spend a maximum of 10 minutes servicing them........  Now we never compromise our workmanship and will spend as long as it takes to ensure that every pair of hairdressing scissors we service feels smooth and cuts perfectly when they leave our premises.... so what is more cost-effective................someone who charges £12 to spend 10 minutes on your hairdressing scissors and potentially ruin them - or - us who charge £16 and take 20-30 minutes to sharpen a pair of hairdressing scissors - you will have the peace of mind that when you get them back they will be as good as new.