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Be Very Cautious When Choosing Someone To Sharpen Your Scissors

You may think, it doesn’t matter who sharpens your scissors, as long as they are sharp !!  But you will be shocked to discover that some scissor sharpening methods and machinery, can have a detrimental effect on hairdressing scissors.


Look closely at your scissor blades …….They most likely would have been originally razor sharp convex edges (almost all hairdressing scissors on the market have convex blades) ……. Do the blades look exactly the same as when you first purchased them?

Poor sharpeners:  

  • Use grinding machines and non-water cooled systems ……. they quickly sharpen scissors within 10 minutes.  It is impossible to correctly service a pair of premium hairdressing scissors in 10 minutes.    

  • Cannot fully convex hairdressing scissors ……. which changes the structure of the blades.


  •  Do not sharpen scissors at the angle specified by scissor manufacturers. Eg Jowell scissors must   be sharpened at a different angle, than the angle used to sharpen Passion Scissors. ​ 


  • Remove too much metal at a phenomenal rate, which massively reduces scissors lifespan.

  • Use a machine that produces excessive heat, which can cause the steel to lose its strength - meaning the sharp edges would not last for very long.


  • Often destroy convex edges and replace the edges with harsh, thick bevelled edges ……. the hairdresser may have originally purchased expensive convex scissors and they are reduced to cheaper bevel scissors (used in dog grooming industry). The thick bevel edges cannot be used for advanced cutting techniques (slide, slice and chipping) which can only be achieved with convex hairdressing scissors ...... If the bevelled edges are too heavy or too much metal has been removed, this would sadly mean that the scissors could never be restored  back to their original convex edges.


  • Don't take hairdressing scissors apart and the whole blade is not sharpened ……. this is because this is time-consuming and time is money.  However, we cannot stress enough how imperative it is to take scissors apart, because the whole length of the blade must be sharpened and the correct manufacturer’s angle must be determined to correctly sharpen the blades (hairdressing scissors brands have different specifications).  In addition, if scissors are not taken apart, the scissor parts (screw, washer, bumper stop etc) cannot be assessed and replaced if required - also the grime accrued from use and oil remains around the screw.

  • Return scissors not cutting correctly and not feeling smooth.

  • Are often inexperienced, do not have the correct equipment to sharpen hairdressing scissors, do not use correct sharpening methods, and have not received adequate training (some, only by video).