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Why Are We Different To Other Sharpeners?

We are one of the only sharpening companies in the UK who can fully convex hairdressing scissors ……. Our sharpening techniques are unique to the UK, no one has the same equipment or sharpening methods as us and that is why we produce unrivalled results …….  If you are unsure as to what convex means - just look at hairdressing scissors suppliers and you will see that all top quality scissors will have 'convex' in their product description.

Nearly all new premium hairdressing scissors on the market are originally convex (razor-sharp edges that are barely visible to the naked eye).


Our sharpening methods ensure that hairdressing scissors are always sharpened in accordance to the original manufacturer specifications ……. this means ensuring that scissors are sharpened at the correct angle. 

Dependant upon nicks and bent blades - we spend 20-30 minutes servicing a pair of scissors until they cut perfectly.

We use the same equipment, premium scissor manufacturers use, i.e. The Hikari Factory, to create razor-sharp edges on new two-piece convex hairdressing scissors.

We take scissors apart so that the whole length of the blade is cleaned and sharpened at the correct angle, specified by the manufacturer. In addition, the scissor parts eg screw, scissor stop, washer etc is assessed and if required, they will be replaced (we may not be able to source parts for budget scissors, as some of the budget scissor manufacturers do not make spare parts). 


We do not use a grinding machine. 
We use a water-cooled machine to ensure that scissors never over-heat.


We hand sharpen hairdressing scissors using 5 types of wet and dry paper, 3 blocks of Japanese wet stones and 2 types of polishing leathers, this process creates a mirror finish, making the scissor blades fee razor sharp and smooth. 


Our scissor-smiths are extremely experienced and sharpen both the inside (using Japanese wet stones) and the outside of scissor blades.  This technique is used in Japanese scissor making factories, because it produces perfect razor-sharp, long-lasting edges.

Our highly skilled hand sharpening techniques gently removes minimal metal, greatly increasing the life-span of scissors. 
If scissors are sent to us with convex edges, we will maintain the convex edges and produce a mirror-smooth finish.


Hairdressing scissors that have had very slight bevel edges applied to them can be sharpened back to their original convex edges.  
Hairdressing scissors that have had heavy bevel edges applied to them, will not be able to be re-convexed, however, we will be able to drastically improve them and send them back cutting perfectly. 


We will not compromise our highly skilled sharpening techniques and will spend as long as it takes, ensuring that every pair of scissors leaving our premises, cuts perfectly.  



We Are Experts At Sharpening Scissors

We have 20 years’ of experience and were trained to the highest level, by completing an extensive apprenticeship in Australia, under the guidance of a master scissor maker/sharpener who is one of the only Westerners ever to have trained in the Hikari factory in Japan.

We have received many amazing reviews about our scissor sharpening service and amazing customer care.  All of our reviews are genuine and are all from hairdressers and barbers.

We have been talked about very positively in many hairdresser forums and because of great feedback about us, we were contacted by Capital Hair & Beauty to be their New Scissors Sharpeners and stock our scissor sharpening envelopes in their stores.

We solely sharpen hairdressing scissors/thinners (including left-handed scissors) and provide a full scissor sharpening service, which includes any repairs, re-balancing, re-alignment, polishing and setting the correct tension.  

No other scissor sharpening company in the UK uses the same machinery or methods as us.

We provide a professional hairdressing scissor sharpening service; our technicians are highly skilled and extremely experienced in the art of Japanese scissor sharpening techniques. 

Scissor Sharpening

What Sets Us Apart From Other Sharpeners?


Years of Experience

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“I was recommended to Andy on a hairdressing group, he has done a fantastic job with all 4 of my scissors and I can’t wait to get back working to use them! Thanks Andy”



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We are a very conscientious company; one of the key successes of our business is ensuring that every single customer is extremely happy with our service. Our customers are our top priority. 

You will find us very friendly and very helpful. 

If you require any unbiased advice, please do not hesitate to contact us, we are always willing to help. 

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