Sent my scissors to Extreme Edge after reading the reviews/ recommendations. Andy maintained good communication throughout, invoicing me through PayPal which was quick and simple and I received my scissors back yesterday. I brought my scissors late last year (Jaguar) and already they’d begun to pull hair - after receiving them back, my scissors are sharper than when I first purchased them, I’m really happy with the outcome and I won’t hesitate to send my scissors to Extreme Edge when necessary. Cheap service, great communication, thank you so much!



Be Extremely Careful When Choosing A Scissor Sharpening Company  

This will shock you ........You may think, it doesn’t matter who sharpens your scissors as long as they are sharp !!  But you will be shocked to discover that most scissor sharpening methods have a detrimental effect on hairdressing scissors.


Look closely look at your scissor blades…They would have originally had razor sharp convex edges (almost all hairdressing scissors on the market are convex)….............Do the blades look exactly the same as when you first purchased them?

These sharpening methods:  

  • Use grinding machines and non-water cooled systems - they quickly sharpen scissors within 10 minutes.  It is impossible to correctly service a pair of premium scissors in 10 minutes.    

  • Cannot fully convex hairdressing scissors - and consequently changes the structure of the blades.     

  • Removes too much metal at a phenomenal rate, which massively reduces the lifespan.

  • Produces excessive heat which can cause the steel to lose its strength - meaning the sharp edges will not last for very long.


  • The convex edges are destroyed and replaced with harsh bevel edges - the hairdresser originally purchased expensive convex scissors and they are reduced to cheap bevel scissors.


  • The cheap thick bevel edges cannot be used for advanced cutting techniques (slide, slice and chipping) which can only be achieved with convex hairdressing scissors.


  • Hairdressing scissors are not taken apart and the whole blade is not sharpened - this is because this is time-consuming and time is money.  However, we cannot stress enough how imperative it is to take scissors apart, because the correct manufacturer’s angle must be determined to correctly sharpen the blades (hairdressing scissors brands have different specifications)


  • Because scissors are not taken apart, the whole length of the blade is not sharpened.  


  • You are risking your expensive scissors because if the ground on bevel edges are too heavy or too much metal has been removed, the scissors can never be restored to their original convex edges.  

  • If scissors are sharpened using these methods - they often do not cut properly or feel smooth.


  • Many sharpeners are inexperienced and have not received adequate training (some, only by video).


Is £12....A Reasonable Price To Pay For Scissor sharpening? 
£12....For 10 Minutes Work 
What Type of SErvice would you get if you paid £3 ExtrA? 

We are one of the only sharpening companies in the UK, who can fully convex hairdressing scissors.  If you are unsure as to what convex means - just look at hairdressing scissors suppliers and you will see that all top quality scissors will have 'convex' in their product description.


So .................  What Sets Us Apart From All Other Scissor Sharpening Companies: 


  • We DO NOT use a grinding machine or a non-water cooled honing machine, to sharpen hairdressing scissors. We use a water-cooled system that continually keeps the scissors cooled, to ensure they never overheat. 


  • We DO NOT - spend 10 minutes servicing a pair of hairdressing scissors to get through as many as we can.  We spend 20-30 minutes servicing a pair of scissors until they cut perfectly and feel smooth.

  • We CAN fully convex hairdressing scissors.  No other scissor sharpening company in the UK uses the same machinery or methods as us.

  • We use highly skilled hand sharpening techniques using 5 grades of wet and dry paper, 3 grades of Japanese wet stones and 2 grades of polishing leathers. 


  • We use the same equipment, premium scissor manufacturers use, to create razor sharp edges on new two-piece convex hairdressing scissors.


  • Our highly skilled hand sharpening techniques gently removes minimal metal to create long-lasting edges and increase the life of the scissors.


  • If scissors have convex edges - we will maintain the edges. We always sharpen hairdressing scissors to the original manufacturer specifications.


  • We take hairdressing scissors apart, which (as previously advised) is an integral part of servicing high-quality scissors.


  • We are extremely experienced scissorsmiths, who sharpen both the inside (using Japanese wet stones) and the outside of scissor blades.  This technique is used in Japanese scissor making factories, because it produces perfect razor sharp edges, ensures that scissors feel smooth and it greatly increases the lifespan.


  • We have 15 years’ of experience and were trained to the highest level, by completing an extensive apprenticeship in Australia, under the guidance of a master scissor maker/sharpener who is one of the only Westerners ever to have trained in the Hikari factory in Japan.


£15....For 20-30 Minutes Work 
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About our scissor sharpening service

Our sharpening techniques are unique to the UK and produce unrivalled results – that’s why we receive such great testimonials​

Our work is unparalleled, so we have no qualms about offering a money back guarantee.

Every one of our reviews is from hairdressers and we keep the hard copies as proof.

Our extensive scissor service and highly skilled hand sharpening techniques will ensure your high-quality hairdressing scissors will cut like new and feel fantastic.

We expertly sharpen scissors on the day received and return them the next day......let us know if you need them returned urgently and will return them on the same day we receive them. Now you can't get any quicker than that!!!

Scissors are designed to be re-sharpened - so if you buy new scissors every time they become blunt - then you are wasting so much money!!  We can show you that with our care and hand sharpening techniques - your scissors will perform as well as when you first purchased them - if not better.

If you send your scissors in accordance with our packing instructions, your scissors will be totally safe in the post.

We strongly recommend that you send your scissors via Royal Mail Special Delivery - because we have been in business for 15 years and have never had a Royal Mail Special Delivery package go missing.

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We are a very conscientious company; one of the key successes of our business is ensuring that every single customer is extremely happy with our service.


Extreme Edge provides a professional hairdressing scissor sharpening service; our technicians are highly skilled and extremely experienced in the art of Japanese scissor sharpening techniques.


We spend as long as it takes to ensure that all scissors feel smooth and cut perfectly before leaving our premises.  

We are very friendly and very helpful.


If you require any unbiased advice, please do not hesitate to contact us, we are always willing to help.



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